Tuesday, February 21, 2012

romping through Praha

Day 1
 We start at a french cafe after the Miniature Museum,
with Al's tooth falling out as she eats her marmalade filled brioche.
I think about carving into her tooth, as I just had seen things like a painting on a poppy seed,
and a caravan of camels in the head of a pin! She convinces me that the Tooth Fairy needs it instead.

Strahovsky Klaster- Monastery

 Along a path from the monastery

 Puppet stores line the streets. 
(The face mold for the cleaning-lady fits both 
female and male puppets. It's all in the makeup.)

 Ended up watching the above performance
at Staromestske Namnesti for over an hour.
Kids in the audience were invited to catch hoops thrown by the clown on stilts. 
Even after all that time Ali was not ready to participate. 

 Favorite walk along the Charles Bridge. 
(Wherever we are Ali wants to end the day at the bridge.)

Ended the day at a playground right below the bridge! 

Day 2

 We take a lift up to Petrin Tower (a miniature Eiffel Tower.)

 After walking up the 299 steps,
 and some acrophobia setting in towards the top, 
we get to these stunning views below:
(you can see our house in the second photo!)

The only thing we saw at the observatory, since it only opens in the evening from, 6-8.

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