Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alenka Sustkova

When I told her I was naming my daughter after her, she responded with uncertainty. She had never liked her name, she admitted. In Czech “ka” at the end of the word makes it a diminutive and although it is a very sweet way to call a child, she went by Alena throughout her adult life. (I chose it particularly for the ka, for the sweetness of it as well as the pretty sound.)

She married Jaroslav Sustek around the age of twenty and bore two children. She changed her name as is common to Sustkova. “ova” at the end of a name means "in the clan of" or "in the possession of." I dropped the ova off of my name as soon as we immigrated as the ownership did not make sense to me.

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  1. In Hungary they're even worse. My name would've been Laszlo Viktorne. With other words, family name first, than the -ne of Viktor's. No bloody way, that's just sick! :-D
    But I think they're doing that less and less these days.