Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving thanks

I jump back to a post from a month ago

(after we got rid of most of our material possessions), when I realized that a home for me means my relationships- the friends and family that I carry within me wherever I go.

I miss you the most this Holiday season. (Not to overlook my second favorite thing, eating a meal that has been prepared for me!) Neither Will nor I are fantastic cooks. Thankfully the local pubs are providing us with delicious meals. But it is not the same as when all of you are around the table.

Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving! 

PS. If you do read or glace at these pages off and on, I would love to hear from you, about anything and everything. Kisses


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  2. It sure was hard not having you with us in person, but as you said we are all together in spirit! Lauren