Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It took many helping hands to get us to this spot today. (One does not reach these peaks in isolation- or at least that has been my experience.) I want to list off what has been done for us thus far- those little things that accumulate to so much. Today they accumulate to our life here in the Czech Republic.

-Montessori friend allowing me to be her teacher and witnessing her amazing art process for almost two years
-Seattle family of painters supporting my teaching by coming to the studio every week
-The girl who called CZ the Checker Public (The title I prefer.)
- The endless list of friends that helped with our move.
-The many friends who bought art before we left
-Our family who lent us their truck to haul 500lbs of garbage to the dump
-Our family who allowed us to store the leftovers
-Our family who lent us their home the night before we flew out and therefore we could move our bed.
-The cousins who are caring for our cat.
-My amazing students who are a continuous source of inspiration.
Here in CZ
-My second cousin who drove us from the airport and endured a ticket from the Austrian police in the process and who arranged for help whenever we needed something fixed in my grandmother’s flat
-The (endless) families who took us in and treated us as their own.
-The neighbor who would periodically show up with a bowl of cookies or a plate of cake.
-The eldery, loving husband and wife who albeit have no children of their own, treat all of us as theirs.
-The cousins (+ family) whose love and affection I feel in her/their every presence and the ones who lent us the bedding and towels for our current flat.
-The parents that drove half of our belongings to Jesenik
-The cousin who drove me and the rest of our belongings from Jesenik to Praha (enduring a bad back throughout.)
-The lady who lent us our mattresses and picked us up at the train and brought us a fantastic dinner.
-My grandfather for letting me hold his hand through the tough time.
-My grandmother for lending us her space
-My mother who put this idea into my head in the first place

The list goes on and on….

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