Monday, January 16, 2012

some days

There are days that you ask why- why in the world did we leave everything and everyone we know? It does not seem rational and on the hard days even more so. Today is one of those days.

With a busy class day, I forgot to call my husband to pick up our daughter after school. She bravely made her way to my classroom 15 minutes after her class got out and after all the kids had left the playground. (Fortunately, her school is across the street from mine.) But as soon as she saw me she collapsed into my arms.

I wish I could teleport us back to Seattle to just have a day of normalcy- just to let Ali enjoy some friends, shop at Trader Joe's, share some tea and perhaps have an hour in the studio. (That is the cherry on top.) It is unfortunately the memory or comparison of that that causes a bit of sorrow.

On the other hand I love that we can walk everywhere here. We live in this amazing space as opposed to a 1970's rambler with popcorn ceilings. (If you don't know what that is, pray you never find out.) The meat and baked goods are delicious and one can get them on the corner of almost every street on the way home.

I wish I could combine some things from here and some things from there. (It is like wanting to combine the qualities of all past boyfriends into one ideal.) But that is such a juvenile thought. Really what I should focus on is to suspend all judgement and live in this present moment. One knows this but it is difficult to practice especially on days like today.

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