Thursday, December 8, 2011

the food

I need to devote an entry to the Czech cuisine. It is divine!

 A pomelo sized dumpling stuffed with plumb butter topped with poppy seed and sugar mix all floating in a bowl of vanilla custard. (SERIOUSLY!) And no, this is not a desert, this actually is the main course! (I have to stop myself from ordering this but once a week.)

I am slowly coming to the Czech conclusion that beer is somehow healthy for me. We now have it with almost every lunch, as it costs almost as much as water. (That's right, LUNCH not dinner, but somehow this is the new norm.) I now crave the bitter taste almost as much as chocolate! Yikes! I almost forgot the goulash. Soup is the appetizer of every lunch.

And the classic, Rizek or Schnitzel. Cooked in lard, a piece of pork or chicken, pounded to a centimeter,  tastes fantastic with a few drops of lemon and baked potatoes. (Also can be eaten on it's own, warm or cold.)

One slight downfall however to the above dishes along with a couple of other staple Czech foods, is that this about wraps up the Czech cuisine. (I do not have an image of "Knedlo, Zelo, Vepro," or dumplings with cabbage and pork, another classic.) This is why we spent an arm and a leg on some Indian Food in Praha yesterday, a nice brake from this Eastern European cooking.

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