Monday, December 12, 2011

the honeymoon- and post honeymoon

You know that time when new energy and love fills your heart and romance takes you to places unseen. This is like the first few weeks in a new place. The beauty, (one overlooks, the dirt,) the sunshine, (one overlooks the clouds,) etc,etc. There is a braking point in that new vision after one starts noticing the rest of reality. The not so sunny days, the smoggy air, those little things that should flow within the day but don't. If one is not careful this new vision clouds the old and one goes in an opposite direction.

This morning was that time. I started romanticizing our last 'home' in the suburbs of Seattle. One starts missing the things that were there and are not so much here, (mostly the clean air.) But the reality is there are simultaneously 'good'/'bad' and really things just are without judgement.

Here is a list of unedited items that surround me presently:

Twin beds stacked next to one another to make a queen size bed that fits us all (2adults, 1child)
 -morning and nighttime cuddles are readily available as is the accidental kicking throughout the night.

Keeping in touch with faraway friends, and trying to establish new relationships
-neighbor (somewhere in her 70's), currently one of my best friends in the CZ, finally someone to share a cup of tea!

History, history, history- it's within the exteriors of most buildings
-interiors however are quite the clash with the outer atmosphere. Modern era design fills the younger generation's homes.

Clean mountain air of Jesenik is just a few hours away from that of Olomouc, Zlin and other moravian cities where chimneys line the horizon.

Lard, beer, and dumplings make up more of my diet rather than my shakes of spinach, blueberries and bananas. (Thankfully the latter is still included!)

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